Chenice Clarifying Shampoo 8.45oz / 250ml


Multifunctional shampoo with detoxifying and anti-pollution action.

For normal or slightly treated hair and for frequent washing. Removes impurities and frees hair from harmful agents. The shampoo formulated with eco-compatible raw materials in a perspective of sustainability and respect for the environment, contains delicate surfactants that perform an effective detergent action without depleting the hair nor weighing it down; removes both the excess of sebum, and all the impurities and any residues anchored to the scalp, freeing the pores. It brings freshness and removes bad smells.

- Chenice Clarifying Shampoo is gently deep cleans hair.

- A deep cleanse is required before hair color, Keratin Treatment and perm.

- Chenice Clarifying Shampoo purifies and removes residue.


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